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If you are looking for some of the best condos for sale in Washington, you won’t be disappointed by what’s on offer in the Columbia Basin. The closest thing to paradise, many retirees seek out the waterfront property Washington is famous for in order to get in a bit of fishing or just to have somewhere picturesque to relax in the evenings with a cool drink and a good book. However, no matter what your age, you’ll find there are no end to the visual delights in Central Washington. In fact, that’s why so many families are also seeking vacation homes for sale here. From condos for sale as retirement homes to waterfront homes for sale as an investment in your future, Central Washington communities like Quincy, Wenatchee, Chelan, and the other Columbia Basin towns have everything you could ever dream of.

Amazing Employment Opportunities

Many young families move to the Basin because of the amazing employment opportunities, with many companies openly advertising room for upward growth. Looking forward to a secure future in technology, it is no wonder they come seeking waterfront homes for sale. Computer technology is the way of the future and that’s why young execs from Dell, Intuit, Microsoft and even the search giant Yahoo are looking to invest in this area. Luckily, they are able to choose from the most prestigious waterfront property Washington has to offer. Those who work at headquarters in cities like Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane are also interested in the range of vacation homes for sale in the central Washington region as well as here in Quincy, Wenatchee, Chelan and beyond.

A large number of Boeing executives and engineers also find the thought of vacation homes for sale in the region quite appealing. It’s nice to get away from a major metropolitan area to sit back and simply enjoy natural beauty without having to travel too far from home. Young couples find condos for sale worth looking into, especially if there are no young children in the family. But if there are, Grant County has an assortment of schools with a high statewide rating that we are quite proud of here at home.

Central Washington Schools When Moving to Quincy, Wenatchee, Chelan or other Columbia Basin communities.

Small families with older kids may want to choose one of the condos for sale, but many prefer waterfront homes for sale because they provide plenty of room for mom and dad to do what they want after the kids leave the nest. That said, schools in the area, particularly in the county seat of Ephrata, are graded highly among schools in the state. And, a growing number of teachers coming to the area from other parts of the country also seek out waterfront property Washington or condos for sale when gaining employment at the local schools.

Interested in Vacation Homes for Sale? Check out These Things to Do and See

No matter what part of the country you are coming from, you will find an amazing number of things to do and see so why not check out vacation homes for sale in the Moses Lake area, including Ephrata? In Moses Lake alone you can visit:

  • Blue Heron Park – Disc golf course and picnic area
  • Moses Lake Museum and Art Center – Offers free family activities on the first Saturday of every month
  • Surf ‘n Slide Water Park – Containing concession stands and plenty of water fun on hot, hot days
  • Pot Holes State Park – Ideal for families who enjoy bird watching, it also contains lots and lots of pot holes connected underground
  • Golf at the Links at Moses Pointe – Need we say more? Here you’ll find some of the state’s best golf

And that is just a taste of what you can do from your vacation homes for sale in Moses Lake. In Ephrata, we’re sure you will love taking the family to see:

  • A taste of history at the Lee Theater – An old, old building with lots of history behind it
  • The Wild Horse Monument – Billed as an unexpected stop along the road
  • The Grant County Historical Museum – Where you can view relics from days gone by
  • The Grant County Courthouse – An educational hotspot for kids, this is the county seat where the government meets

From history buffs to those with a penchant for outdoor activities, there is so much to do and see in both Moses Lake and Ephrata that you will soon be looking through the condos for sale listings in the MLS. Talk to us at Gary Mann Real Estate so that we can find you the perfect waterfront property Washington that is suitable for every member of your family.

Regional Demographics – Central Washington – Condos for Sale

Ephrata is the county seat of Grant County and the latest estimate is that the population numbers approximately 8,000 people. In 2010 there were 7,664 people living in the area and the population has continued to rise slightly each year due to a recovering economy and a boom in computer technology. Most single professionals and young couples are interested in condos for sale but those with an eye on upward growth are also interested in the waterfront homes for sale.

Moses Lake is a larger community than Ephrata with a current population estimated at almost 22,000 people. There is a nice selection of waterfront homes for sale here, which is one of the reasons why the growth of the area is above that in many parts of the state. Looking for waterfront property Washington? Moses Lake has some of the best scenery and with a booming technology sector and a population that is expanding by the day, you will find people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.

Shopping & Dining in Central Washington

When looking for condos for sale in either Moses Lake or Ephrata, you will surely want to know where you can go to dine and shop. In Moses Lake alone there is everything from Big Lots and Walmart to Sears. In fact, waterfront property Washington in Moses Lake is so sought after that most of the major retailers have a presence here. The smaller community of Ephrata also has condos for sale and an amazing number of fine restaurants and malls, especially for a community this small. However, since it is a small community there are also several craft shops where both ladies and men can find the ‘tools’ needed to keep up with their hobbies.

All in all, Ephrata and Moses Lake are in a region that is highly sought after by families looking for waterfront homes for sale, waterfront property WA or simply condos for sale. With much to see and do, a thriving economy, a wide assortment of industries to work in and some of the loveliest scenery in the country, it is no wonder the region continues to grow. Even so, although Moses Lake and Ephrata are growing at rates similar or slightly above statewide rates as the Basin maintains its country, homey appeal. Condos for sale in Ephrata or condos for sale in Moses Lake, there is much to appeal to literally everyone from the very youngest members of the family to the retirees looking for waterfront property WA.

Talk to us at Gary Mann Real Estate so that we can find you exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are thinking of relocating to the area for employment or for the quiet outdoorsy environment, you can find condos for sale, waterfront property WA at its finest, waterfront homes for sale and even vacation homes for sale to rent out or visit every year on vacation.

We can help you find the ideal property at a price you can afford. Call us today on 509-754-2179. We’re here for you so that you get the most out of this wonderful neck of the woods we locals lovingly call ‘the basin.’ We look forward to hearing from you today.

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